How to install the best free AI companionship software

GPT4All is a robust chat interface that has captured the attention of artificial intelligence enthusiasts worldwide. Known not only for its ease of installation but also for its intuitive user experience, it stands out among similar applications.

In this article, we will walk you through the complete installation process on a Windows PC or laptop, ensuring that by the end, you’ll have a fully functional AI companion at your fingertips.

Download and Install GPT4All

  1. First, visit the official GPT4All website to download the installer file. Click the “Windows Installer” button or if you use a Mac, select “OSX Installer.”
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate installer, double-click it to begin the installation.
    Follow the prompts provided by your operating system to complete the installation.
    The entire process should take only a few minutes.
GPT4All Icon

If your operating system displays a warning stating that the software cannot be trusted, do not worry. This is a common occurrence when launching new applications for the first time.

Next, we will learn about installing an LLM of which there are many to chose from. The image below shows an actual screenshot of the pop-up window which lets you install your first “starter” LLM. Before you do anything, highlight the download path (see red field in the lower left corner) and copy it into a temporary text file. Knowing that location is important because GPT4All is looking in that directory for available LLMs.

It would be best to read the rest of the article before you decide to install one of the standard LLMs because Silicon Maid will be more suitable for an AI companion that the included LLMs.

installing a LLM large language model gpt4all
Before you can chat with an AI, you need to install one

If you use Windows, then your download path is most likely:
More about that below.

Installing an LLM (Large Language Model)

You have completed the first half of the setup and the only thing that is left to do is launch the software and pick your first LLM as GPT4All will not work without and LLM just like a car won’t drive without gas.
If you just want to quickly check things out then it is easier to pick one of the LLMs that GPT4All offers. To test, I like dolphin. If you want an LLM that is more suitable for an AI companion, then I recommend SiliconMaid which you can download from here.

Download and install Silicon Maid

If you decide to download Silicon Maid, then use the search field on the huggingface website and enter: Silicon-Maid-7B-GGUF

Click the View content button to continue

Read the warning label and click the View Content button. A new page opens that looks like the image shown below. Take a look and click on the “Files and versions” link (underlined in black). After that, you can select a GGUF file to download.

download the best ai companion virtual girlfriend
Download the best virtual girlfriend AI companion

I recommend that you chose the Q4_O version unless you have a gaming computer with 16 Gb or more of RAM. In that case, you can pick a Q5 or Q6 version.
Four our test, we are using silicon-maid-7b.Q4_0.gguf

Last step: Place the gguf file in the correct location

From this point on, there is nothing more to download. We just have to drop the silicon-maid-7b.Q4_0.gguf file in the correct location so that GPT4All can find it. On a windows computer, the path should be: C:\Users%username%\AppData\Local\\

After that, you can launch GPT4All, load silicon-maid-7b.Q4_0.gguf and start chatting with your new AI companion.

If you need inspiration or help getting started then register a free member account which will cover using silicon-maid-7b.Q4_0.gguf in great detail.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed both GPT4All and an LLM, setting yourself up to explore the fascinating world of AI interactions. Stay tuned as we guide you through your first exciting experiences with this powerful technology. We’re thrilled to be part of your journey into the exciting world of artificial intelligence!

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