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Customizable Banner Options for Your Advertising Needs

At binarybebe.com, we understand that every business has unique advertising requirements. That’s why we offer a diverse range of custom banner options to help you fine-tune your marketing strategies and achieve the best results possible. Our AI-powered platform provides three distinct types of customizable banners designed to cater to different preferences and needs:

  1. Full Customization (Option 1)
    Binary Bebe supplies both the model and the image, created according to your requested specifications. This option allows you complete control over the design process while benefiting from our AI’s ability to generate stunning visuals that will capture your target audience’s attention.
  2. Image Replacement (Option 2)
    If you already have an eye-catching image but want to incorporate one of Binary Bebe’s models, this is the perfect option for you! Simply supply us with your desired image, and we’ll replace the existing face with that of our AI-generated model. This way, you can maintain your preferred design while still enjoying the benefits of working with a cutting-edge AI platform like ours.
  3. Model Replacement (Option 3)
    In this option, Binary Bebe supplies an image but replaces the customer’s chosen face with her own. It’s ideal for those who want to use their existing design but wish to feature our model instead. This flexibility ensures that you can create a cohesive and impactful advertising campaign while still showcasing Binary Bebe’s unique charm.

Case Study 1: Image Replacement Demonstration

In this example, we start with an employee’s photo taken by the company to be used in their advertisement (Image 1). Binary Bebe then utilizes AI technology to replace the employee’s face with one of our models, resulting in a completely transformed image (Image 2). This showcases how our platform can seamlessly integrate our model into existing designs while maintaining high visual quality.

face swap office employee original
Image 1: Original photo
face swap office employee improved
Image 2: Same image with model face applied

No matter which option you choose, rest assured that these exclusive services are only available here at binarybebe.com. Our commitment to innovation means we continually strive to provide our customers with the latest in AI-powered technology and customization options. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we can offer a level of personalized service that was previously unattainable.

Case Study 2: Reviving Outdated Advertisements with Binary Bebe’s AI Technology

A company faced a dilemma when an employee left, making it impossible for them to legally use images featuring that individual in their advertisements. To address this issue, they turned to advanced AI technology which allowed the company to replace the former employee’s face with a new model within the existing image, ensuring their marketing materials remained visually appealing and legally compliant. As a result, the project was successfully salvaged, meeting its deadline despite the challenges.

face swap office worker original
Image 1: Original photo
face swap office worker improved
Image 2: Successful face replacement

AI Technology Doubles Conversion Rates

Following the implementation of AI-powered image improvements, such as replacing employee faces with new models, companies experienced a significant increase in their conversion rates. In fact, these enhanced images consistently yielded double the conversions compared to their original counterparts. This impressive result highlights the potential for AI technology to not only address practical challenges but also drive tangible business growth by optimizing marketing materials and engaging audiences more effectively.

Whether you’re looking for full control over your banner design or simply want to incorporate Binary Bebe’s captivating presence into an existing image, our customizable options have got you covered! Explore the possibilities and elevate your advertising strategies with the help of AI at binarybebe.com today! Interested? Get in touch

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